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Play Against Internet Opponents With The Latest Technology

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REGIUM is an Automatic Chess e-Board with the latest Technology. Play chess with REGIUM against Internet opponents is a stunning experience.
Full Connection. For home use, club use or tournament, Regium is the Perfect Chess e-Board.
Premium Quality. Made with Technique and Passion.


                       Artificial Intelligence
                       Automatic Movements
                       Pieces Recognition
                       Store millions of games


                 3 Speeds (1x, 2x, 3x)
                 Simultaneous movements
                 Silent and precise
                 Auto-center and auto-placement


                        Desktop & Mobile
                        Integration with Chess Sites
                        Live Streaming
                        Export/Import Games

Deluxe Board

Elegant wooden chess board with magnificent African wood and European maple. Maple and ebony Pieces. Deluxe pieces handmade

Classic Board

Nogal chess board. Boxwood pieces. Staunton pieces handmade



  • When playing against internet opponent or chess programs, the opponent's moves are reproduced on the e-Board
  • The movements are instant and very fast, silent and precise, always in the centre of the square, even if there is anything on the Surface, as dust or water
  • Pieces Recognition: No press, sensor detection. Each square is scanned 10 times per second during the game to recognize the color and type of piece. For example, the individual piece recognition makes setting up chess positions for analysis simply a matter of placing the pieces on the board
  • The pieces have 3 speeds (1X, 2X, 3X). The move can be superfast with our Hi-Speed Technology
  • Simultaneous movement of several pieces at the same time. Optionally the pieces can be moved one by one
  • When a piece has been captured, it will be removed from the game by the shortest path. If a piece in play is on its way, it will depart to give way to the captured piece
  • Auto-Placement: The pieces are put back in place when starting a new game, or when the pieces are moved involuntarily during the game
  • Lock the position of the pieces to transport the board. (optional: On / Off)


  • Premium Quality
  • Classic Model: Nogal chess board. Boxwood pieces. Staunton pieces handmade
  • Deluxe Model: Elegant wooden chess board with magnificent African wood and European maple. Maple and ebony Pieces. Deluxe pieces handmade
  • FIDE sizes: Square: 55mmx55mm - Board: 550mmx550mmx19mm - King height 95mm / 3.75 "
  • Battery: Lithium Battery lasts several days
  • For Amateurs and Professionals


  • Connections:
    • Power 12V
    • USB and Bluetooth: Regium e-Board connects by USB or Bluetooth to computer or app (Android / iOS). Also, the e-board can read a game from USB and move the pieces to position them properly and continue the game. or use it for teaching purposes
    • Serial Port and Wifi: To connect several e-boards working at the same time in a tournament
  • Play against internet opponents via chess playing websites on with traditional wooden board
  • The e-Board connects to a free app to interconnect players
  • For tournament presentation move by move live broadcasting via the internet of games as they are being played
  • Live presentation of games at the playing venue or chess club
  • Play a tournament in streaming on the board
  • Play against your favourite chess programs and engines. Regium e-Boards are supported by the most important chess platforms:
    • Chess24.com
    • Chess.com
    • Lichess.org
    • ChessBase
    • ChessCube
    • ICC
    • FICS
  • Full support for Chess960, Rapid and Blitz
  • Computer analysis whilst playing against a human opponent
  • API for developers: For example, to build a teaching app, this app could teach the "Sicilian Defense", so the pieces will be placed in the appropriate position and move as indicated by the app


  • Automatic log storage
  • Save / Load games: A game can be saved to play it later, or to send it to other player, so this player can continue the game, analyze it, etc.
  • Save and automatically store the games played on it for later retrieval in PGN and e-PGN format for publication or analysis purposes. Storage capacity for millions of games


  • Compatible with DGT Pi
  • Compatible with various digital chess clocks (i.e. DGT3000)
  • Optionally move the pieces by app or voice
  • Optionally the sounds can be activated: Sounds of battle, check and when a wrong move is made, etc. (optional: On / Off)
  • Optionally the Auto-Centered feature can be activated to center automatically the pieces displaced (optional: On / Off)


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